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  • Leading up to the warmer months, we spend so much time acquiring a new lifestyle that may include change of diet, working out more, drinking less alcohol, etc. in all efforts to get the summer body we desire. But once the anticipated season arrives and we’ve reached our goal, do we just let it all go? Yet we don’t think about how to maintain our physique throughout the summer and believe us, just as fast as you got the dream body you can lose just as quick (and with some, maybe even faster). But we’ve got ya covered!

    We teamed up with the charismatic and all-around influencer Dale Moss to share with us some quick workouts that’ll keep you in tip top shape in addition to being stylish, shown in some of latest fitness gear from some of our favorite brands. Dale Moss is an individual who knows no boundaries. His charismatic and multifaceted nature translates on and off the field. He is a World Class athlete, a fashion forward trendsetter, lifestyle enthusiast, and a philanthropic socialite. He personifies the fusion of sports, fashion, and entertainment. Growing up in the small Midwestern town of Brandon, South Dakota, a small town kid with big city dreams, Dale began his journey through athletics by attending South Dakota State University (SDSU) on a full ride basketball scholarship. After a successful four years of basketball and completing his eligibility at SDSU, Dale played just one year of SDSU football and was selected by the Green Bay Packers. Dale has played for the NFL’s most storied franchises and has utilized his success as a professional athlete to open doors in fashion and entertainment. An accomplished model with Wilhelmina International, CFDA Men’s Fashion Influencer and respected personality in the elite social scene. Dale has only scratched the surface of the many opportunities that lie ahead. With a full 2017 schedule of premiers, appearances, and features the sky s the limit for Dale.



    Stairs are great to work into your cardio workout if you want to switch things up and add some intensity. Not only are you doing something different but you are burning more calories by running up an elevated plane.

    • Choose stairs that have an even surface and equal distance apart
    • Make the run more challenging by stepping on every other stair. This turns your run almost into a bound and forces you to be more explosive
    • Choose a consistent pace you can continue from start to finish

    PULL UPS – 4 Sets x Failure

    A pull up can be a great addition to your workout that targets your shoulders, and lats which helps give you that desired V shape.

    • Pull ups are about endurance almost as much as strength. It takes time to build up your reps so don’t get discouraged
    • Make pull-ups more difficult by extending arms all the way down. This increases the range of motion and intensity of the workout
    • Keep your core engaged to maintain stability during the exercise. Don’t rock or swing during pull ups stay controlled the entire time

    PLYOMETRICS – 4 Sets Of 8 Reps

    These quick and explosive movements develop your fast twitch muscle fibers while giving you a great form of cardio as well. Examples include box jumps split lunges, bounds, lateral hops etc.

    • Pick a height that is manageable. It should challenge you but you should be able to complete all reps within your workout
    • LAND SOFT ON YOUR FEET! This shows your level of control and allow you to save your body from injury long term
    • Spend less time on the ground. If you are able to manage the height focus on exploding off the ground as soon as your feet touch. This turns your plyo into some cardio as well

    DIPS – 3 x Failure

    Dips are a great workout because you can do them almost anywhere and they can target numerous muscle groups such as your triceps as well as chest.

    • Control how deep you go into the dip so you don’t over exert yourself
    • To target your chest more give a slight lean forward during your dip movement
    • If unable to do a traditional dip you can always do them on a curb or chair. This is easier and typically more accessible


    Have you ever heard the saying long muscles equal strong muscles? If not you have now and its true. It’s important to always stretch before and after workouts. I like to do a Dynamic warm up which incorporates movements such as lunges to give you a solid stretch while also adding some movement. try starting off with 3 sets of 8 lunges each leg

    • Your knee should never come past your toe on a lunge ( think 90 degree angle )
    • Keep your core tight and back straight while performing
    • Mix up movement by doing both forward and backward lunges

    BOUNDS – 3 Sets Of 5 Each Leg ( 3×5)

    Bounds are a great addition to the early stages of your workout. This gets you warmed up and prepared to really open up and run.

    • Knee Up, Heel Up, Toe Up it’s important to have good form on bounds in order to maximize results. Driving your knee upward ensures you are getting the most out of your workout
    • Make sure you are controlling your landing and being light on your feet. This also allows you to get off the ground quicker and into your next bound
    • Mix it up by sometimes going for height and others going for distance between bounds.
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